The Aidlin Power Plant consists of a geothermal power plant and associated steam fields located in northern California at The Geysers. Calpine is North America’s largest producer of clean, renewable geothermal power. The Calpine Geysers facility is a portfolio of 14 operating geothermal power plants. More than 330 active production wells provide steam that is piped directly into turbines to generate electricity. These plants supply approximately 725,000 kilowatts of reliable base load electricity to northern California’s power grid.

Geothermal power produces minimal air emissions. In fact, The American Lung Association of the Bay Area selected Calpine Corporation and its Geysers geothermal operation for the 2004 Clean Air Award for Technology Development. Calpine’s water recharge program creates a solution for the communities’ effluent water disposal problems and provides water for our power plants. Recycled water from nearby cities is pumped into the injection wells, extending the life of the steam fields for years to come.

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Cloverdale, CA

Commercial Operation Date:

June 1989

Calpine Net Interest Baseload (MW):

18 megawatts

Calpine Net Interest With Peaking (MW):

18 megawatts


Calpine 100%




Fuji steam

NERC Region: