Deepwater Energy Center

The Deepwater Energy Center is located on the Delaware River in New Jersey. The original plant construction began in 1929. The two remaining operating units were constructed in the 1950s. Calpine acquired Deepwater in 2010 as part of its purchase of the Conectiv Energy assets.

Unit 6/8 was commissioned in 1954, and Unit 1 in 1959. The units are conventional steam boilers with superheat and reheat sections. In keeping with its commitment to producing power in an environmentally sensitive fashion, Calpine discontinued burning coal at the site when it acquired the facility in 2010. The unit is configured to run primarily on natural gas with low sulfur diesel fuel oil as a back-up option. The steam is generated in the boilers through the combustion of fossil fuel which drives independent turbine generators to produce power.


Pennsville, NJ

Commercial Operation Date:

January 1954

Calpine Net Interest Baseload (MW):

0 megawatts

Calpine Net Interest With Peaking (MW):

158 megawatts


Calpine 100%


Natural gas-fired/oil, simple-cycle


Two General Electric steam turbines

NERC Region: