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Our Technologies

A Strong Commitment to Clean, Energy-Efficient Technologies

Because Calpine is committed to providing customers with clean, fuel-efficient, reliable electricity, the company focuses on two key technologies: combined-cycle natural gas-fired and geothermal power generation.

Natural Gas, Combined-Cycle

Today's fuel-efficient technologies demonstrate that power companies can generate electricity reliably and at lower costs, while dramatically decreasing emissions and conserving natural resources. Calpine operates electricity -- generating facilities that are fueled by natural gas, a clean-burning fossil fuel. Calpine's combined-cycle natural gas-fired energy centers are environmentally friendly sources of electricity. Modern natural gas-fueled facilities produce 90 percent less emissions and are 36 percent more fuel-efficient than older technology, fossil-fueled electric generating facilities.

Because this technology is so preferable to that of older facilities, it has earned the support of health, safety, environmental and consumer groups.

These centers use a highly fuel-efficient process that involves generating electricity in combustion turbines and utilizing the procedure's hot exhaust to create water vapor, which is then used to generate additional electricity in a steam turbine.

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Geothermal Power

Calpine operates 14 geothermal power plants at The Geysers region of Northern California, generating up to 725 megawatts of renewable "green" power or about 36 percent of the geothermal energy in the United States, making Calpine the largest producer of geothermal energy in North America. Geothermal power plants take advantage of a natural, clean energy source - steam from the earth's interior - to produce electricity. Because these plants do not burn fossil fuel, they have an inherent environmental advantage. Presently, this electric-generating technology is practical in only a few parts of the world, but innovative technologies, many of which Calpine has pioneered, such as reclaimed water recharge projects, are expanding and extending this valuable natural resource.

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At The Geysers, Calpine captures steam in the geothermal reservoir and pipes it to generating units. The steam spins a turbine that drives a generator to produce much-needed electricity for the California power market.

To learn more about Calpines geothermal assets, please visit: www.geysers.com

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