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Categories of Products & Services Commonly Purchased by Calpine

While the below list represents products and services commonly purchased by Calpine, it is not an all-inclusive list.


Adhesives and sealants 
Audio and visual presentation equipment
Automation control devices
Batteries and generators
Battery testing
Bearings and bushings
Bottled Gas
Building Maintenance - Janitorial
Building Maintenance - Security
Business administration services
Catering Services
Collectibles and awards
Commodity Chemicals
Construction and maintenance
Containers and storage
Cooling Towers Maintenance & Repairs
Copier Repair / Maintenance
Data Processing - IT Services
Decontamination services
Discrete semiconductor devices
Doors and windows and glass
Earth and stone
Electrical equipment and components
Electrical wire and cable
Electrical wire management devices
Electron tube devices and accessories
Electronic hardware and components
Electronic reference material
Emergency and field medical services
Environmental protection
Equipment Repair Services
Fabricated plate assemblies
Fabricated sheet assemblies
Fabricated tube assemblies
Fire protection
Gaskets and seals
General building construction
Hand tools
Hardware, Computer
Hazardous Waste Removal
Heavy construction machinery
Hotels and lodging
Housings and cabinets and casings
Hydraulic machinery and equipment
Industrial filtering and purifying
Industrial machine tools
Industrial optics
Industrial pumps and compressors
Industrial use papers
Inspection Services
Installation Services
Internet Security Services
IT Consulting, Programming
IT Services
Lab Services, Environmental Testing
Laboratory and scientific equipment
Laboratory supplies and fixtures
Lamps and light bulbs
Landscaping Services
Leak Sealing & Line Freezing
Lease - Parking
Lease - Rent, Office Space
Lease - Vehicles / Equipment
Lighting fixtures and Accessories
Lubricants and oils and grease
Material packing and handling
Mining and quarrying machinery
Motor Repairs
Office and desk accessories
Office Equipment, Furniture
Office machines and their supplies
Packaging materials
Packing supplies
Paints and primers and finishers
Paper products
Personal safety and protection
Pest Control Services
Plumbing fixtures
Pneumatic machinery and equipment
Power sources
Printing and publishing equipment
Process Logic Controller Hardware & Software Support
Professional engineering services
Public safety materials
Pump Repairs
RATA testing
Rentals W/Operator (Cranes)
Rope and chain and cable
Sample Panel Preventative Maintenance
SCR Catalyst
Scrap and waste materials
Signage and accessories
Software Maintenance Contracts
Specialty Chemicals
Storage and Handling
Structural building products
Structural materials
Toxic and hazardous waste cleanup
Transportation/Freight Services
Transportation repair or maintenance
Valve Repairs
Waste Hauling Services - Trash
Water and wastewater treatment
Weather Service - Earth Science
Welding and soldering and brazing
Well drilling and construction
Well drilling and operation equipment