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Principled Advocacy

Calpine is closely regulated and subject to legislation from federal, state and local authorities that can have a significant impact on our operations and profitability. As a result, our Government and Regulatory Affairs representatives actively participate in political processes and public policy discussions to ensure that public officials are informed about key issues that affect our interests and those of our customers, employees and shareholders and of the communities we serve.

The Calpine Corporation Political Action Committee (PAC) is nonpartisan and solely funded by voluntary contributions from eligible employees. It is managed by an Executive Committee comprising ten employee members who oversee political contributions, which are disclosed to federal, state and local campaign finance agencies as required. The activities of the Calpine PAC are in full compliance with all applicable federal and state laws.

Calpine PAC contributions and disbursements are publicly disclosed on the Federal Election Commission’s website.

Calpine also makes direct contributions to political candidates and politicians in some jurisdictions where it is permissible by law. All contributions made by Calpine are not made in return for, or in anticipation of, any official act.

Calpine is a member of several trade organizations that represent a broad spectrum of views on business issues and other issues related to the power industry. These trade organizations engage in political activities, including lobbying, and sometimes take positions that Calpine does not support.

Calpine retains the services of lobbyists to engage with public officials and advocate and promote the business interests of Calpine, as public officials routinely make decisions which impact our business. Calpine and our lobbyists are required to file reports with the U.S. Congress and state agencies on a regular basis disclosing information about their lobbying activities. Reports on Calpine’s federal lobbying activity can be found here.