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Doing Business with Calpine 

Doing Business with Calpine

As one of the nation’s largest and cleanest power producers, Calpine is committed to environmental responsibility, both for the company and our suppliers. Calpine purchases a broad range of products and services to keep our plants running efficiently and cleanly. Click here to view a list.

Safety and Integrity at Calpine

Calpine’s commitment to safety and integrity – two of our core values – includes holding our suppliers to the same high standards we apply to our own operations.

  • We make purchasing decisions based on many factors, including a supplier’s previous safety records. We also actively monitor our suppliers’ behavior at all of our locations to ensure that they maintain Calpine safety standards.
  • The integrity of our suppliers is also of great importance to Calpine. For more details, please review our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Calpine’s Purchasing Methodology

Calpine has a center-led purchasing practice. This means that purchasing decisions are made at the business-unit level based on research and guidance provided by a corporate supply chain department. Calpine’s supply chain department identifies and qualifies suppliers across various purchasing categories to best fulfill the needs of plants and offices nationally and regionally.

To be considered for supplier opportunities with Calpine, please complete the Prospective Supplier Registration Form.

Supplier Registration Form

Invoice Payment

Calpine understands that a key part of a supplier relationship is timely invoice payment. To accomplish this goal, Calpine relies on our suppliers to follow our Invoice Submission Instructions.

Invoice Submission Instructions

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