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Doing Business with Calpine 

Doing Business with Calpine

As one of the nation’s largest and cleanest power producers, Calpine is committed to environmental responsibility, both for the company and our suppliers. Calpine purchases a broad range of products and services to keep our plants running efficiently and cleanly. 

Safety and Integrity at Calpine

Calpine’s commitment to safety and integrity – two of our core values – includes holding our suppliers to the same high standards we apply to our own operations.

  • We make purchasing decisions based on many factors, including a supplier’s previous safety records. We also actively monitor our suppliers’ behavior at all of our locations to ensure that they maintain Calpine safety standards.
  • The integrity of our suppliers is also of great importance to Calpine. For more details, please review our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Calpine’s Purchasing Methodology

Calpine has a center-led purchasing practice. This means that purchasing decisions are made at the business-unit level based on research and guidance provided by a corporate supply chain department. Calpine’s supply chain department identifies and qualifies suppliers across various purchasing categories to best fulfill the needs of plants and offices nationally and regionally.


We are excited to announce that on September 18, 2023, Calpine will be implementing Coupa, a cloud-based purchasing and payment system that streamlines our shared workflow – all free of cost for you as a Supplier. Registration with Coupa will be a requirement for all Suppliers to transact with Calpine beginning in September 2023.


  • A centralized location for doing business with Calpine.
  • Ability to view orders, receive purchase orders and submit invoices.
  • Convenient anytime visibility into the status of your orders, invoices and payments.
  • Online catalogs to increase visibility of your goods and services for Calpine to purchase.
  • Easy access to Calpine sourcing events.
  • A messaging center to communicate with your Calpine partners.
  • Faster payment of your invoices.


  • Be on the lookout for an email on July 24 with instructions on how to enroll in Coupa.
  • Enroll in the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) by September 1.
  • Attend Coupa training from August 28 to September 1.
  • Begin using Coupa on September 18.
  • Please continue doing business as usual with Calpine until September 18. You will receive detailed instructions on how to enroll in Coupa on July 24.


  • Please send your questions to
  • You will receive an invitation from Coupa to join the CSP on July 24.
  • Calpine will host live training events in late August. These webinars will also be recorded and shared for your future reference on
  • Calpine will have a dedicated Supplier Enablement team to assist you.  


1. Are all Suppliers required to register in Coupa to transact with Calpine?

Yes. Registration with Coupa will be a requirement for all Suppliers to transact with Calpine beginning in September 2023.

2. How do I enroll in Coupa?

You will receive an invitation from Coupa to join the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) on July 24. You need to enroll by September 1.

3. Will Calpine provide Supplier training to use Coupa?

Yes, Calpine will host multiple training events from August 28 – September 1. Webinars will also be recorded and posted on the Calpine website for future reference.

4. Where do I go for more information about Coupa?

You can contact Supplier Support at for more information about Coupa.

5. When does Coupa go live?

Coupa will go live on September 18. All Supplier transactions will be executed in Coupa starting on September 18.

6. What does it cost to join Coupa?

Coupa is free of charge for Suppliers.

7. Why should I join Coupa?

You retain the ability to do business with Calpine. Faster invoice payments. Auto-generated POs. Ability to generate invoices. Visibility to payment status. Ability to update your Supplier information via Supplier Information Management (SIM).

8. How should I do business with Calpine before September?

You should continue to do business with Calpine as usual until September 18.

9. What if I am already a registered Coupa Supplier?

If you are already registered, please contact Supplier Support at and they will connect with you via the CSP to establish electronic communications with Calpine.