America’s Premier Competitive Power Company
... Creating Power for a Sustainable Future



Our ASPIRE values – Accountability, Safety, Passion, Integrity, Respect and Esprit de Corps – influence everything we do at Calpine. They support a well-defined mission aimed at advancing us toward our shared vision. 

Our Mission

To be the Premier Competitive Power Company.

Success for our investors, customers and employees demands that we:

  • Be the best power plant operator on the planet
  • Excel as a customer-centric business – both wholesale and retail
  • Innovate and evolve in our focus on delivering reliable and sustainable energy solutions
  • Live by our values

Our Values

We ASPIRE to effectively perform every task, every action, every pursuit and every decision with these values in mind:

  • Accountability: We embrace our individual responsibility and perform to the best of our ability. We make sure we understand what is expected for the task at hand and execute on it. We always follow the applicable laws, regulations, policies and procedures.
  • Safety: We put safety first in everything we do. We realize our well-being and that of our colleagues is the responsibility of each one of us and is critical to Calpine’s success. We investigate, communicate and proactively manage any unsafe conditions.
  • Passion: We work with passion for our business, passion for our community and passion for the environment. Passion to us means a sense of urgency and focus.
  • Integrity: In all that we do, we demonstrate our integrity by being true to our word. We follow through on commitments to our customers, colleagues, suppliers, investors and communities.
  • Respect: We cultivate a respectful, nurturing and diverse work environment characterized by open, honest and direct communications. We honor receiving and discussing other points of view, always without fear of reprimand.
  • Esprit de Corps:

    We work with a collective sense of pride and honor in everything that we do. We value our diverse backgrounds and experiences. We work as an inclusive team where we share, support and encourage each other to achieve our common goals. We encourage, support and mentor our colleagues to help them attain personal achievement.