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An evolution is underway in America’s power markets, driven by several key factors:

  • The abundance of domestic shale natural gas is expected to keep prices low for the foreseeable future.
  • Regulations to protect the future of the planet have been enacted by federal and state agencies. 
  • Electrical system operators are increasingly focused on compensating generators based on operating performance to ensure transmission grid reliability.

In this environment, Calpine’s modern fleet stands uniquely well-positioned to benefit from the secular trends that are moving America toward clean, affordable natural gas as the preferred fuel of power generation.


Environmental stewardship is fundamental to Calpine’s philosophy and culture. Generating power in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner not only positions our business to benefit from the regulatory trends that are shaping the nation’s power generation industry, it is simply the right thing to do – for our communities, employees and future generations.

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Modern and Efficient

Calpine’s modern, natural gas-fired fleet uses state-of-the-art technology to produce more power from less fuel than coal plants and older natural-gas plants, and we operate more highly efficient cogeneration plants than any other power generator in the nation.

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Flexible and Reliable

The flexibility of our fleet enables us to provide power products to customers when, where and how they need them. Find out how our quick-ramping natural gas-fired power plants and our dual-fuel capabilities provide critical services that support grid reliability.

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Geographically Diverse

Calpine provides power, capacity and ancillary services in America’s major competitive wholesale power markets and actively manages our portfolio to strengthen our positions in these regions.

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