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WholeSale Power Solutions

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With abundant and affordable natural gas as the preferred fuel for U.S. power generation, Calpine leverages a clean, modern, efficient and flexible fleet to provide power, capacity, cogeneration, renewable integration and ancillary services to wholesale customers that include utilities, cooperatives, retail electric providers, power marketers and manufacturers.  

Environmentally Responsible Products

Energy from Calpine’s clean, natural-gas-fired fleet helps our customers minimize their greenhouse gas footprints. In addition, power from our geothermal plants at The Geysers allows our customers in California to meet regulatory obligations to utilize renewable energy through the purchase of reliable, baseload geothermal power.

Flexible Products

Our ability to cycle natural-gas-fired plants quickly allows us to respond to customers’ fluctuating demand. Our diverse portfolio of baseload, intermediate and peaking power plants enables us to provide a suite of products and ancillary services that can be shaped to match individual customer needs, including contracts of varying duration.

Integration Products

As reliance on intermittent renewable resources increases, quick-responding and reliable generation becomes critical for maintaining grid reliability. Calpine’s fleet of flexible, natural-gas-fired power plants helps integrate renewables into our nation’s power supply by quickly ramping up or scaling back production to balance peaks and dips in solar and wind generation. We are also poised to offer customers unique integration products combining renewables with existing gas assets.

Efficient & Cost-Effective Products

The superior efficiency of our combined-cycle fleet – combined with a low natural gas price environment – places Calpine among the lowest-cost fossil generation providers. In addition, we operate the nation’s largest fleet of cogeneration plants that produce steam as well as power to serve manufacturing and processing companies.