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(HOUSTON, TX) - April 28, 2020 - Calpine Corporation, along with its subsidiary Champion Energy, announced today they have donated over $500,000 to local food banks and nonprofit organizations in Houston and across Texas in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  


Calpine and Champion’s core values include supporting the communities in which its employees and customers live and work.  Community support organizations in Houston, where Calpine and Champion are headquartered, and across the state, where Calpine operates thirteen power plants, are in need of funds perhaps now more than ever. Toward that end, Calpine, Champion and their employees are proud to be able support these organizations and their fellow Houstonians and Texans in this time of crisis:

  • Houston Food Bank
  • Greater Houston COVID-19 Recovery Fund
  • Over 15 food banks and charities across the state

“Many of Calpine’s corporate and power plant employees work and reside in the greater Houston area as well as throughout Texas and each day we see the disruption and pain this crisis has caused for so many and are grateful that we are in a position to lend a hand,” said Thad Hill, President and CEO of Calpine Corporation. “On behalf of the Calpine and Champion Energy teams, we want to thank everyone at the Houston Food Bank, the Greater Houston Recovery Fund and the other food banks and charities we support for their efforts. We believe that Houston and Texas will emerge from this event stronger than ever”.

Specifically, Calpine is proud to have teamed up with Alex Bregman and the #FEEDHOU campaign by donating $200,000 to the Houston Food Bank, which serves Texans across eighteen counties. Food banks across the city, state and nation are seeing record demand due to this crisis. They are further challenged by a shortage of volunteers due to health concerns and diminished food supply. A Feeding America survey of national foodbanks has uncovered a 98% increase in demand and a 59% decrease in inventory.

“We are extremely grateful for this generous gift from Calpine,” said Brian Greene, President and CEO of Houston Food Bank. “The need for food assistance has increased exponentially during the Covid-19 pandemic as more and more people are finding themselves in difficult situations due to job loss, reduced hours, or closures. With the support of donations from generous companies like Calpine, together, we hope to keep providing food for our neighbors to help ease at least one worry in these uncertain times.”

“I’m grateful to have partners like Calpine and Champion Energy that not only value giving back to their community but make it a priority to take action,” said Alex Bregman of the Houston Astros. ”Their generous donation is the largest the FEEDHOU campaign has received to date, and it’s going to make a difference for thousands of local families.”

In addition, Calpine has donated $200,000 to the Greater Houston COVID-19 Recovery Fund. This collaborative effort between the United Way and the Greater Houston Community Foundation provides critical basic assistance to vulnerable families and individuals across the greater Houston area.

“We are most thankful to Calpine for its generous gift to the Greater Houston COVID-19 Recovery Fund that will assist the most vulnerable in our community,” said Anna M. Babin, President and CEO of United Way of Greater Houston.  “With so many individuals and families in our area impacted by this crisis, it is heartwarming to receive this much-needed support, which will help with urgent basic needs like food, shelter and health care.  The Greater Houston COVID-19 Recovery Task Force is working diligently to distribute funds quickly so our neighbors can get some immediate relief.”

Finally, Calpine has donated a total $100,000 to food banks and charities in the communities where its Texas power plants are located. Calpine’s power plant managers and other employees directed the funds to local organizations assure support in their local communities.  

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