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Career Development

At Calpine, we give you the tools you need to chart your own career path in an engaging, fast-paced environment where you can learn from power industry leaders. Our learning and development platforms enable employees with initiative to explore their own potential in a dynamic and rewarding industry.

Calpine offers programs and tools designed to help employees understand our business, culture, values, innovative technologies and what drives us to be the premier power generation company in the United States. These programs are rooted in our ASPIRE values that serve as the foundation for all we do at Calpine.

Exploring Possibilities

A career at Calpine begins with our comprehensive orientation and continues as new employees get to know their colleagues and the opportunities the company has to offer.

Growing Your Skills

Calpine is supported by plant progression programs, job rotation and stretch assignments, knowledge sharing, mentoring, tuition reimbursement, and a host of online and in-person training opportunities.


This means continuous learning, perfecting and sharing your skills, setting an example for your colleagues and raising your hand when opportunity comes along.