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Tasley Energy Center

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Tasley is a single-unit industrial gas turbine that began commercial operation in 1972.  Calpine acquired Tasley in 2010 as part of its purchase of the Conectiv Energy assets.  It is black-start capable, meaning that in an emergency if the whole grid system goes down (causing a blackout), the self-sufficient unit can be used to bring the system back online.  Tasley can be started without needing a feed from a larger unit and, in turn, can feed the power needed by larger units to restart after a blackout.

Location:Tasley, VA
Commercial Operation Date:January 1972
Calpine Net Interest Baseload (MW):0 megawatts
Calpine Net Interest With Peaking (MW):33 megawatts
Ownership:Calpine 100%
Technology:Oil, simple-cycle
Turbines:Westinghouse 251B