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York Energy Center

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The York Energy Center is one of Calpine’s newest facilities using the proven V84.2 combustion turbines in combined-cycle power generation with a maximum capacity of 565 megawatts.  The plant’s three combustion turbines, which primarily burn natural gas, can also run on ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel oil.  Steam is generated in three heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs) using the heat from the combustion turbine exhaust.  The steam is then routed to a steam turbine.  Combining the two power cycles (combustion turbines and the HRSGs/steam turbine) creates a high-efficiency power block that consumes significantly less fuel than needed by traditional fossil-fired boiler/steam turbine generators.  

In addition to being fuel efficient, York also has an attractive environmental footprint.  Using low NOx burners, water injection and selective catalytic reduction, emissions are held to very low levels compared to other fossil-fired generation.  These units also have an extremely high combustion efficiency and innovative design, so volatile organic emissions and carbon monoxide levels are almost nondetectable.

Location:Peach Bottom Township, PA
Commercial Operation Date:March 2011
Calpine Net Interest Baseload (MW):464 megawatts
Calpine Net Interest With Peaking (MW):565 megawatts
Ownership:Calpine 100%
Technology:Natural gas-fired/oil, combined-cycle
Turbines:Siemens V84.2