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York 2 Energy Center 

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The York 2 Energy Center is a 828-megawatt, dual-fueled, combined-cycle electric generating facility that helps provide reliability to the regional power market. Co-located with It is York Energy Center in Peach Bottom Township, Pennsylvania, the employs highly efficient combined-cycle technology with advanced environmental controls.  

Electricity is first generated at York 2 via two natural gas combustion turbines.  The plant’s two heat recovery steam generators then use exhaust heat from the combustion turbines to produce steam, which is routed to a steam turbine to create more power.  Its combustion turbines primarily use clean-burning natural gas but can also run on ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel oil.  This flexible, dual-fuel capability is increasingly important to ensure power reliability in the PJM region.


Location:Peach Bottom Township, PA
Commercial Operation Date:March 2019
Calpine Net Interest Baseload (MW):668 megawatts
Calpine Net Interest With Peaking (MW):828 megawatts
Ownership:Calpine 100%
Technology:Natural gas-fired, combined-cycle